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    they’re both so perfect omg

    love them both

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    Confused Little Girl Meets Her Father’s Twin For the First Time

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    It’s hilarious that non-Americans on Tumblr are all like “OMG DENNY’S TUMBLR MAKES ME WISH I LIVED IN AMERICA SO I COULD EAT THERE,” while us Americans will literally only eat at Dennys if it’s 3 in the morning and we’ve lost control of our life.

    You don’t go to Denny’s. You end up at Denny’s.

    And not that Denny’s. Let’s go to the good one across town.

    The accuracy of this scares me so much

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    Most of you have probably already read this, but this is so, so important. I think it’s a damn shame that the name of the Aurora shooter or the marathon bombers is common knowledge but not the name of this brave young man.

    His father said that, “He made his mother cry, but he saved hundreds of mothers from crying for their children.”

    I can’t imagine such pure selflessness. I remember when I was 15, and I couldn’t have done something like this. I don’t think I’m even this selfless now.

    Young heroes like Aitzaz and Malala give me hope for Pakistan, and the world. They’re the change that we need. They’re the people who you should judge Islam by, not the extremists. I know I don’t have that many followers, but please, for anyone who reads this today, spare a moment to think about this young hero and his grieving family.

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